I have known and deeply appreciated Dr. Alexander Negrov’s work over the years as a university president, a respected scholar and professor, and, in recent years, as the CEO of Hodos Institute. Drawing on current field research and the best of academic leadership literature, Dr. Negrov and the Hodos Institute are uniquely positioned to advance spiritual, ethical, and effective leadership. The Hodos Institute provides valuable leadership insights and training to Ukrainian organizational leaders and youth at this crucial time in Ukrainian history. It seems God has raised up Dr. Negrov and the Hodos Institute “for such a time as this” to invest in the future of Ukraine, as well as to serve organizational leaders here in the USA.

Prof. Steven D. Mason, Ph.D., President, LeTourneau University

My very first meeting with Dr. Alexander Negrov at the 2012 ILA annual conference in Denver, CO, left me with an immediate impression of his warmth, friendliness, openness and deep professionalism. In the ten plus years of our friendship since then that impression has only strengthened to where today it stands as a proven knowledge of him as a leadership professional who never separates his words, research interests, and everyday actions from the ideal he is persistently pursuing. And that ideal in his case is placed pretty high – in heaven, because Alexander is researching and developing both a spiritual and effective leadership which is firmly rooted here below at ground level. I had the opportunity to experience the approaches he, and the Hodos Institute created by him, are practicing by taking part in the ‘Leadership Today and Tomorrow: Leadership Development in Civil Society’ research project conducted in Ukraine last year. My impressions? I would like to research with Hodos Institute more often, for its research is thorough and honest, producing reputable papers and ever looking to create a positive impact.

Prof. Mihail Krikunov, Ph.D., Dean of the Kyiv Business School, President and Co-founder of Ukrainian Bildung Network, Ukraine

I have known Dr. Alexander Negrov for over a decade and am delighted to commend the Hodos Institute and Alexander’s outstanding leadership research and its practical application, both in the USA and Ukraine. Alexander and I have worked closely together on several projects related to the use of spiritual leadership as a model for leadership development and formation throughout Eurasia, including as a framework for a trauma-sensitive theology of leadership in the context of war. The Hodos Institute has also played a pivotal role in advancing the Spiritual Leadership Model (SLM) through various means, such as academic conferences, scholarly publications, and leadership workshops offered to practitioners.

Prof. Louis W. (Jody) Fry, Ph.D., Regents Professor of Management and Leadership at Texas A&M University-Central Texas, the founder of the International Institute for Spiritual Leadership

On behalf of the Heart Institute at the Ukrainian Heart Center, I extend our heartfelt gratitude to Hodos Institute for your partnership and financial assistance. Through your support, we have enhanced the professional development of our medical personnel at the Heart Institute. Your dedication to our cause has not only strengthened our healthcare community but has also brought hope to countless patients in need of specialized cardiac care. We cherish this partnership and look forward to achieving even greater milestones together. Thank you for your unwavering commitment to our mission.

Prof. Borys Todurov, Ph.D., Director-General of The Heart Institute, Kyiv, Ukraine

We highly commend the exceptional leadership of the Hodos Institute, with whom we have fostered strong relations in recent years. Amid the ongoing Russian war of aggression against Ukraine, the Hodos Institute has exemplified true friendship and unwavering support for our Seminary. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Alexander Negrov and the entire team at the Hodos Institute for their steadfast friendship with our school. Their financial assistance and dedication to excellence in leadership teaching, even amid the chaos of rocket shelling in the Kyiv region, have been instrumental and deeply inspiring for both our institution and our students. The Hodos Institute team’s selfless commitment and genuine compassion have earned the admiration of our students, who have grown to deeply appreciate their efforts. We firmly believe that our continued collaboration during this war will not only fortify our bond but also pave the way for new opportunities in the years ahead.

Veniamin Brynza, Vice-Rector, Irpin Biblical Seminary, Ukraine
God has blessed me immensely by allowing me to meet Alexander Negrov and his team during the current ongoing war in Ukraine. They are truly exceptional individuals who bring not only their leadership expertise, love, and attention but also, most importantly, themselves personally – exhibiting genuine heart and humanity. In 2022 Hodos Institute organized excellent training for dozens of our Church leaders and social workers. In addition to offering guidance and counsel, Hodos Institute has been instrumental in providing various forms of humanitarian aid, including financial assistance, support on the front lines, and medical supplies. The team at Hodos Institute exemplifies compassion and generosity on a grand scale. I must say that Alexander Negrov’s regular visits to Ukraine during the full-scale war has provided us with invaluable encouragement and support.
Rev. Oleh Ovsii, Head Pastor of Ukrainian Baptist Union in Poltava Region