Dr. Alexander Negrov served as the President of St Petersburg Christian University in St Petersburg, Russia, where he lived for many years. Born in Ukraine, he now lives in Washington State in the USA. He holds a bachelor’s, masters’ and a PhD degree in theology, having studied at universities and seminaries in Russia, Canada, South Africa as well as studying leadership at Durham University Business School, The University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership and the University of Oxford Saïd Business School in the UK. Alexander has extensive leadership and management experience in research, consultancy and teaching.


Dina Prokopchuk was born and lives in Ukraine. She graduated from Zhytomyr Ivan Franko State University with teaching certifications in music, ethics and cultural studies. She also has a degree in Christian Ethics from Irpin Biblical Seminary. Dina is a public school teacher and serves the community through organizing and directing conferences, workshops, camps and educational programs. Her vision for comprehensive youth work incorporates developmentally appropriate programming, the strengthening of family life, integration of young people in faith communities, and collaboration with civic organizations to promote leadership formation among teens and young adults.


Phil Young is an accountant who has worked for Douglas County, Washington, for the past 24 years.  He has been a church treasurer, treasurer for the Coulee Baptist Association, on the finance committee, as well as involved with HODOS accounting since its start.  He and his wife, Brenda, live in Wenatchee, Washington, and have three children and seven grandchildren—all living in Washington State.  He attends Eastmont Baptist Church in East Wenatchee.


Allyn Beekman was born in the state of Michigan in the United States and currently lives in the Houston, Texas area. His educational accomplishments include a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Mathematics from Michigan State University and a Masters in Business Administration from Ball State University. After working in various development and marketing positions in the computer industry, Allyn held positions as professor and administrator in higher education. He also was the initial Chairman of the Hodos Institute Board of Directors, serving in that position for seven years.


Alexander Malov was born in Ukraine and lives there presently. He received his undergraduate degree in history from the National University of Ostroh Academy. Currently, he is pursuing a master’s degree in nonprofit management at the Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU). Alexander’s applied research interests include ecotheology and environmental leadership, the phenomena of leadership in the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures, and leadership in the midst of crisis and limitations.  Alexander is active in youth work and passionate about developing young leaders.


Azamat Zhamanchinov lives in Kazakhstan. After earning advanced academic degrees in economics and psychology from universities in Kazakhstan and Russia, Azamat held various top–management roles in non–profit organizations. As researcher and educator, Azamat focuses on leadership and mentorship in the context of local and global critical circumstances and challenges. He believes that good leaders make positive social impact through the processes of meaning-making and ethical transformation.


Anatoly Tolopilo was born in Russia. After earning graduate degrees in applied psychology and business administration from prestigious universities in Russia and the UK, Anatoly held various top–management roles in business companies. With over 30 years of teaching practice and 16 years of experience as a corporate trainer, Anatoly conducted more than 1000 training modules to the employees of different organizations in Eurasia. His passion is to improve personal and professional skills of others and enhance their performance by focusing on both professional development and ethical principles.


Leonid Kukanov was born in Russia and currently lives in St. Petersburg. He earned an undergraduate degree from St Petersburg Christian University and later successfully completed the Master of Theology program at the University of Wales, UK. In 2015, he founded KukaDoro design studio. His research interests include ecological hermeneutics and business ethics. Leonid is active in youth work.