The Ancient Greek word hodos means “the way” or  “the journey” and by implication, “the progress”. Metaphorically, it expresses the idea of “a way of thinking” and/or “a course (manner) of conduct”.

Hodos Institute was established in 2013 to cause positive social change through the promotion of ethical and effective leadership. We serve churches, businesses, education, and non-profit organizations by motivating and enabling them to achieve excellence in leadership.


Hodos Institute researches current perspectives and practices of leaders in Eurasia and then develops leadership training materials to assist in connecting ethical values with best practices in personal and organizational leadership across all sectors of society. We focus on leadership research and development by drawing on a global network of scholars, consultants and practitioners. The Institute serves individuals, teams and organizations to advance the knowledge and practice of effective and ethical leadership.


In the current geopolitical and social environment of Eurasia (the countries of the former Soviet Union), there is a great need for morally strong leadership. While the Soviet Union collapsed more than twenty years ago, the countries of Eurasia continue to struggle with the legacy of totalitarianism, corruption and bad leadership. Many organizations in this region are functioning under unhealthy leadership practices, being subject to leaders who often abuse their power, lead ineffectively and act unethically . Too often, strong-armed leadership is found not only at the highest levels of the countries, but also at local levels, including in businesses, education, non-profit and religious organizations. Our vision is to influence the lives of many emerging leaders, and to ultimately influence a broad cross-section of society in Eurasia. Hodos Institute provides possibilities for research, seminars, classes, conferences and consulting services for a variety of organizations to advance ethical and effective leadership.



Mr. Allyn Beekman, Chairman
Mr. Phil Young, Treasurer
Dr. Kathleen Mays, Secretary
Dr. Richard Gathro
Dr. Dick Daniels
Dr. Alexander Negrov (ex-officio)
Ms. Yuliya Nikolaychuk
Ms. Julie Peterson
Dr. Viktor Roudkovskii
Mr. Vladimir Shevchenko
Mr. Roman Tishko
Dr. Timothy Watson
Mr. Ruslan Zagidulin


Dr. Robert C. Andringa
Dr. Andrew K. Benton
Dr. Mark R. Elliott
Dr. Louis W. (Jody) Fry
Dr. Roger Gill
Dr. Daryl McCarthy
Dr. Jean Lipman-Blumen
Dr. Peter Penner
Dr. Ronald E. Riggio
Dr. Myron S. Steeves
Dr. Michael M. Whyte


Dr. Alexander Negrov served as the president of St. Petersburg Christian University in Russia (2005-12), and as a visiting scholar at St. Vladimir Orthodox Seminary in New York (1998-99), Pacific Lutheran University in Washington (2008-09) and California Baptist University (2012-13). Alexander has earned two master’s degrees at Briercrest Biblical Seminary in Canada and a Ph.D. from the University of Pretoria in the Republic of South Africa. He also completed three years of a doctoral program in Leadership Studies from the University of Durham (UK). Alexander has published numerous books and academic articles in Biblical studies and leadership. His current interests are in the areas of personal and organizational leadership, leadership research and consulting. With years of experience leading multicultural groups, Dr. Negrov is known for his work in leadership assessment and development.