The Ancient Greek word hodos means “the way” or  “the journey” and by implication, “the progress”. Metaphorically, it expresses the idea of “a way of thinking” and/or “a course (manner) of conduct”.

Hodos Institute was established in 2013 to cause positive social change through the promotion of ethical and effective leadership. We serve churches, businesses, education, and non-profit organizations by motivating and enabling them to achieve excellence in leadership.


Welcome to Hodos Institute – Empowering Good Leadership!

At Hodos Institute, we research current perspectives and practices of leaders and followers to develop leadership training materials that connect ethical and spiritual values with best practices in personal and organizational leadership. Our focus is on applied leadership research and leadership development through a global network of scholars, consultants, and practitioners. We serve individuals, teams, and organizations to advance the knowledge and practice of effective and ethical leadership. At Hodos Institute, we are committed to driving positive change by fostering ethical leadership that permeates every level of society.


OUR MISSION: Hodos Institute partners with organizations and individuals to develop effective, ethical and spiritual leadership through its research, publications, training, and consulting.

OUR VISION: A world that practices effective, ethical and spiritual leadership.

Our vision is to influence the lives of many emerging leaders and ultimately impact a broad cross-section of society in the USA and Ukraine. The Hodos Institute provides opportunities for research, seminars, classes, conferences, and consulting services for a variety of organizations to advance effective, ethical, and spiritual leadership.



Allyn Beekman | Chair
Julie Peterson | Secretary
Dr. Timothy Watson | Treasurer
Mike Anderson
Dr. Dick Daniels
Dr. Anna Krull
Dr. Patrick Mays
Dr. Kathleen Mays (ex-officio)
Dr. Alexander Negrov (ex-officio)
Viktor Prozapas
Vladimir Shevchenko


Dr. Robert C. Andringa
Dr. Mark R. Elliott
Dr. Louis W. (Jody) Fry
Dr. Roger Gill
Rev. Russell Korets
Dr. Jean Lipman-Blumen
Dr. Ronald E. Riggio
Dr. Roman M. Sheremeta
Dr. Matthew Schmidt
Dr. Myron S. Steeves
Dr. Jan G. Van der Watt


Born in Ukraine, Dr. Alexander Negrov now lives in Washington State in the USA. He holds a bachelor’s, masters’ and a PhD degree in theology, having studied at universities and seminaries in Russia, Canada, and South Africa as well as studying leadership at Durham University in the UK. He also completed the advanced certificate programs from the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership and the University of Oxford Saïd Business School. Alexander has published numerous books and academic articles. He has extensive leadership and management experience in education, consultancy and teaching. Alexander married to Zena since 1987. They have three grown children and six grandchildren.